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Hansadrone. Precision navigation and safe approach for the "Final 50 Feet" of drone delivery.

The Market

Package deliveries are skyrocketing and delivery companies have a hard time to keep up with the demand. In particular, the last mile of the delivery chain is becomming a bottleneck:
Delivery vans are blocking the city streets and bike couriers suffer from poor working conditions. At the same time, customers ask for ever faster and cheaper deliveries.

With drones being able to fly autonomously over reasonable distances with sufficient payload and airspace authorities working to legalize autonomous flight, drone delivery is becoming a reality.

Hansadrone is solving the “final 50 feet” problem of drone delivery, which means the approach flight and handover of parcels from an autonomously flying drone to the hands of the customer.

Problem Statement

Drone delivery to your backyard is super convenient and it will save time and cost. But what if you don't have a backyard?

In Europe with its densly built-up old cities, about two thirds of the population live in apartments. In many asian countries, this number is even higher. We believe, to make drone delivery become a success, every customer should be served.

And it starts already with the problem to get the customers's exact location. In best cases, a GPS fix will provide a location of +/-5 meters, which could well be two floors above or below the customers apartment.

Privacy is a key factor to get acceptance for drone deliveries. So using cameras to navigate the drone to the customer is not a solution.

Hansadrone is here to solve this. more..

Our Services

Hansadrone offers a precision navigation saas solution which allows deliveries to places where the exact position is not known and with no landing location.

The service has two main features:
- Define a safe approach corridor from the drone's cruising altitude to the customer.
- Guide the drone inside that corridor until it hovers right in front of the customer.

The Hansadrone service requires just two things from the customer: A smartphone with an app installed and some place with clear view to the sky like an open window or a balcony.

The Hansadrone service will not compromise on safety and privacy issues: The drone itself does not need to have a camera but still the entire approach flight will be monitored. more..

Use Cases

Drone delivery is super fast and can reach locations that have not been accessible before. The Hansadrone service is perfectly suited for almost all of the common drone delivery tasks:

- eCommerce delivery

- Food and drinks delivery

- Medicine and drug delivery

- Urgent documents/courier delivery

- Offshore delivery

- Emergency deliveries to remote locations

If you have a use case that requires precision landing in an urban environment or other unknown territory, we would be happy to hear from you!

Try it out yourself and register for free.